After a hearty meal, you deserve a sweet treat to cleanse your palate. Or after a stroll in the beautiful streets of Italy, you need a sugar boost to renew your strength.

Italians are not only known for their delicious cuisine and rich wines – they are also really good with desserts. The following are some of the best Italian desserts that everyone should try at least once.

Classic Italian Tiramisu

Popular the world over, classic Italian Tiramisu is one of the best desserts known to man.

It is a traditional Italian dessert made with savoiardi biscuits soaked in Tia Maria and coffee, along with marsala and mascarpone.

The ingredients are artistically layered to form this delectable cake-like dessert.

Strawberry Gelato

If you have a sweet tooth and love ice cream too, the Strawberry Gelato was made for you. It’s a freshly made ice cream made from scratch, sure to please even the most demanding palate.

Its fresh strawberries, corn starch, and sugar, all infused together, will leave you craving another scoop.

Torta Margherita

The Torta Margherita is a favourite dessert, often taken as an afternoon snack in Italy.

Made with flour, potato starch, eggs, butter, lemon zest, and vanilla, this classic Italian sponge cake is best served with a good cup of espresso.


Another luscious Italian treat is Cassatelle. This is a lemon-flavoured pastry filled with a combination of chocolate and ricotta cheese.

The pastry’s thin layers of dough are also infused with marsala and white wine, a winning combination.


Originally from the town of Mantua in Lombardy, Sbrisolona is a crumbly sweet cookie-like cake.

It is baked with a combination of corn or white flour, chopped hazelnuts or almonds, butter, eggs, sugar, and lemon zest.

For maximum enjoyment, Sbrisolona should be accompanied by a fine sweet white wine.