Although Italy has been significantly decimated by the shocking COVID-19 viral pandemic, there is no way the world can forget what the nation has done for humanity. One of the areas where Italy has made a telling contribution worldwide is the dining table.

Italian cuisine, restaurants, and everything related to them has blessed the world for decades. This website seeks to celebrate this contribution. It looks at the best there is in terms of the Italian dining scene, to inform and remind the world that there is still a good reason to sample Italian delicacies now and in the future. The pieces on the site are curated under the following sections.

Italian Restaurants

This section discusses Italian restaurants in general. Did you know that there are different types of Italian restaurants? Well, now you do, and you can learn more about them by exploring this section. Also discussed are the various popular Italian restaurants around the world that stand even as Coronavirus rages and the most celebrated Italian chefs.

Catering and Functions

This section discusses functions where Italian food can make the event even more glamorous. It touches on the specific foods that can be used for different occasions and how to cater for them.

Italian Meals and Desserts

This section gives the lowdown on Italian foods. It discusses the various dishes and how they are prepared, as well as what makes them unique. It also looks at lovely Italian desserts that can be used to wind up an excellent dining experience.

Welcome to the site; look around and discover yet another reason to celebrate Italy.